A PACK brings together all the elements of your project:

  • The Box  

  • Color Impressions 

  • The Disc (and print color)

  • Thermofilm (protection)

  • The Expedition (up to 5000 u.)

  • Options (booklet, recycled...)

Choose a basic configuration, and let yourself be guided through the different steps...


Our new configurator will allow you to control your budget "live" throughout the progress of your order and choice of customization options.




These DVD PACK include

1 or 2 DVD pressing, Box, color printing, thermofilming, delivery (up to 5000 units) and a variety of pre-defined customization options.


Below 300 units, we "usually"  (by default) perform High Quality Duplication with a smaller number of choices.



These PACK include
1 CD + 1 DVD pressing, Box, color prints, final protective film, transportation and a variety of frequent options.


However, we can also do "tailor-made". To better customize your work, you can opt for a  "A LA CARTE" configuration.


Barcodes, Varnish, Recycling, Graphic Interventions...


Discover many options to enhance your product.   


- Brillant or Mat vernis UV

- Vinyl effect on the disc
- "OR" Coloring  of the disc
- Partial
Metallization  (22'')

- Our graphic interventions

- The sleeves 

- Bar code

- Recycled paper

- Your Official Page ...                         



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