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Graphic Options and Services

Do you want us to take care of the graphic aspect of your production? Do you want to add original options to enhance your product?  

This section brings together all the options currently available. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want an option that is not present on our site.

Bar code

Unique Barcode:

Add a Barcode to your product so that it is more easily accepted by merchants and distribution networks.  


Optionally, we can paste your barcode via a pasted sticker, easy to peel off.

UV varnish

UV-Gloss or UV-Mat:

Add one or two coats of Gloss or Matte UV Varnish (total or selective) to your Cardboard Pouch, DigiFIle, DigiSleeve, DigiPack or Sheath, to give them the desired result.  



We can also add unique numbering overprint


Recycled Paper and Cardboard:

For your cardboard items (Pochette, DigiFile, DigiPack, DigiSleeve ...), opt for White or Brown Recycled cardboard. Booklets can be made from White Recycled paper.

By default, the box will be 300gr / m². You can however opt for 350gr / m²


No graphic designer on hand?

Need a hand ?

Entrust us with the graphic design of one, several, or all of your elements.

Are you a graphic designer?
Contact us if you wish to offer your talents to our various clients.


Go even further!

Add a final scabbard to your artwork. It will be made up of 5 sides (5 "walls"), and may contain one or more packaging, books, or elements. Two wall thicknesses are available.


Anti-Copy System attempting to prohibit copying

from your CD or DVD

Although there is a whole series of software to remove this protection, it will allow you to considerably limit the copying of your media.



We can keep your data (backups):


We will secure your data for a period of 3 years, on several servers so as to never lose the elements of your production (to be renewed every 3 years if necessary).

Your Page

NEW: We realize Your Official Web Page on Ouff conditions

Pressage.EU now offers you the possibility of having a web page of quality, compatible with Smartphone, in order to present your activities, agenda of your concerts, sell your records, and extend your social network !!!


Export your artwork in high quality MP3 format

Your files will be prepared for distribution on digital platforms. The final MP3 will be converted to 320Kbps and tagged with the image and information of your work.

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